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Brand new music coming soon!

Dear friends,

We hope you’re all well and safe during these extraordinary times. With everyone locked indoors, we’re focusing on writing music and preparing future projects that we’re excited about. Here’s a glimpse of a classical piece that we hope you enjoy.

One day I received a visit in my Madrid house from a classical guitarist, a Swedish musician who had heard about me and knew a bit about my music. We talked about various things, and of course about music, and we discussed a piece that I’d written for classical guitar with a flamenco flavour, Paisaje Andaluz (Andalusian Landscape). Robi – that was his name – was passing through the city because he had collaborated in a concert in Granada with a group of flamenco musicians. I soon realised he knew the various flamenco styles or “palos” better and in more detail than many Spanish musicians. He showed an interest in the piece and we heard it with the midi instrumentation of the Sibelius programme, which I have been using as a composition tool for over three decades.

When we finished listening to it he told me he wanted to record the piece, and we arranged that I would send him the music so he could prepare and we could discuss it together prior to recording it.

He recorded it using midi chamber orchestra instrumentation in a recording studio in Gothenburg, where he lives with his family, and sent it to me. It’s an excellent classical performance, very personal, in which he also adds flamenco swing; it was my intention that a Spanish flamenco flavour was expressed in the piece. We’ll soon have this record finished and will be able to enjoy Robert Svärd’s extraordinary performance.

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy these fragments which we are happy to share with you as we start uploading them onto our video page.

Ramón Farrán

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