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In this section of our website, we offer musicians around the globe the opportunity to play our original material and arrangements. All we ask is that you inform the PRS or relevant Society of Authors in your territory of what, when and where you played!


We will add charts every few weeks and update you via our newsletter.


 Please CONTACT us HERE if you need more information.

We hope you enjoy the music. Thank you for your interest!

Ramón’s new project written for violin, baritone sax (doubling up with soprano sax and flute), Spanish classical/flamenco guitar, drums/symphonic percussion, double bass, three pianos and three voices: Pablo Picasso, his barber Eugenio Arias and his wife Jacqueline Roque. Here are a few fragments of the bass, flute, guitar and tenor sections. To find out more about the Picasso project go HERE (Click above buttons to view pdf scores).

To listen to fragments of this piece, go HERE

Ramón was recently commissioned to write a piece adapting Indian classical music to European instruments. The instrumentation is as follows: violin, viola violoncello, alto flute, percussion, harp, vibraphone and piano. Here are two fragments for flute and harp from this mesmerizing piece (Click above buttons to view pdf scores).

Flamenco Sin Fronteras: Danza Jaleos is an innovative and timely new piece of flamenco dance and live music, with especially commissioned music composed by Ramón, exploring the concepts of emigration and exile. The show, which adapts some of the music in the ONJAZZ’s album Jaleos to a reduced group of musicians, is divided into nine scenes and written for four dancers, two voices (Natalia was the jazz vocalist, plus a male voice, a cantaor flamenco), Spanish flamenco guitar, drums, percussion, sax (tenor and soprano) and violin. It premiered in the UK in November 2017 (Click above button to view pdf score).

Clarissa is a piano concert in three movements. It’s dedicated to Ramón’s daughter Clarissa. Here is a fragment (Click above button to view pdf score).

Laia is a blues dedicated to Ramón’s daughter Laia, often played live by the ONJAZZ. Here are two fragments of the piano and sax sections

(Click above buttons to view pdf scores).

The Dancing Harlequin from Córdoba is a piece Ramón has just written (October 2018) about an eccentric harlequin dancer whom he heard about during a tour of Algiers in the 1960s. The story came back to Ramón’s mind recently and he was inspired to write about this dancer who was travelling to Venice via Córdoba, but never left the South of Spain and became a contemporary flamenco dancer, well ahead of his time. It’s written for two pianos in two movements - Ramon calls it “A Dance for Two Pianos”. Here are two fragments. (Click above buttons to view pdf scores).

To listen to fragments of this piece, go HERE

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