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Welcome to the Farran Music website!

Updated: Dec 4, 2018

As we say in Spanish, "mi casa es su casa", my house is yours... we're very excited to say hello to you from our brand new online home!

On this website you will find some of our history, interviews, photographs, charts, and video and audio samples of our music. Please have a look around and find out more about us.

We have been wanting to create this for a very long time, but it seemed a huge task to put together all of our catalogue and history - after all, there are over six decades of music here, spanning various generations. We have always believed that teamwork is essential for good results, and we all worked hard to make it happen, with a little help from our friends: Hamish MacDonald edited our sound catalogue, Óscar Méndez Lobo contributed greatly with the concept of our logo and the Picasso project design, Marisa Martín helped bring back to life old images and material, Kirsty McHattie helped proof-read the entire website... we'd also like to thank Juan Vera, Óscar and Elena at El ojo mecánico, Mr & Mrs MacDonald, Ringo, David Holzer, Doug Kaye, Jay Ansill, Nick Philpin, Jane Winterbottom, John Thirkell, Mark Cotgrove and Ramón Leal for their continuing support... our entire extended family has contributed in some way or other... and when our dear friend Geoff Todd introduced us to Sue Ayers, an exquisite and experienced designer, everything came together and our vision became a reality. After inviting us to a most delicious home-cooked meal in her house and getting to know us a little, she created a slick and elegant "home" for us. Proof - if proof were needed - that good food, good conversation and good people go well together and are a great starting point for creating great things.

Our online home is a work in progress - we're busy preparing some exciting album launches and reissues very soon and setting up our new record label, Ramonet Records. Ramón Farrán, our founder, was called Ramonet ("Little Ramon") as a child; that's his nickname for his grandson, too, so we thought it would be the perfect name for our new label.

We offer free sheet music for musicians on our "scores" page, which we will update monthly, and add sound, video and interviews to our radio, news and press pages as we go along. We will also translate our website into Spanish and keep you updated of our concerts and live events. Our shop will open soon - watch this space!

We are going to offer a regular podcast from early 2019 onwards, with inspirational interviews with working artists and our thoughts on various facets of the music business.

Keep coming back to see what we're up to and subscribe to our newsletter to stay in the Farran family loop. We'd love to hear from you!

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